Hammer Scooters

The world's strongest kick scooter deck/neck combo, the Hammer is capable of taking any level rider from first timer to sponsored veteran to the top of their game over and over.

The Hammer is made from solid 6061 T6 Aluminum blocks and CNC'd into the complex and unbelievably strong scooter you see here. The head tube slides and fastens into the deck using a proprietary slot system maximizing the material strength and rigidity.

This scooter is designed to stand the daily abuse that lesser decks cannot stand without sacrifice!

Technical information:

The head tube is set at an 82° angle to maintain great stability at any speed. The 46mm OD head tube is designed for a 1 1/8" Campy standard integrated bearing system with a 33mm ID through the full tube.

The deck is made to fit an ENVY flex brake and many others. Contact us for full list of brake systems that will work, or wait for our proprietary brake system to be introduced with many other accessories.

The deck can fit both 100mm and 110mm wheel sets. Spacers will be required if the ENVY flex brake is not used.

Dylan riding. One small trick..

*Updated October 18th, 2013.