The Eager Beavers

New to the Goods team, ‘Eager Beavers’ is a hand crafted items shop founded in 2019. We specialize in laser cut wooden items, as well as other materials, like plastic and metal.

Cut with our new Trotec laser machine, hand sanded and stained, followed by a coat of wood glue and clear coated, all of our items are unique and carefully crafted for you by our super awesome team members.

Some of our most popular products are our laser engraved cutting boards, 100% bamboo, 100% made with care. As well, our cedar BBQ scrapers are super popular this year, being a super safe alternative to those dangerous metal ones, and custom made to how ever you’d like! Also, everyone wants to get their hands on our Eiffel tower model, a beautiful tribute to our home town, its gorgeous structured pieces make up the all famous tower of Paris, France.

Our products range in prices, and all of our offers and items are posted on our social media. Be sure to give it some love!